Thank you Andi and Andrei.

I have noticed that object method callbacks are consistently faster than
global function callbacks, and was wondering why:

1.3135770559311 seconds for 100000 runs - with no function callback
6.9758139848709 seconds for 100000 runs - with object method callback
7.9048730134964 seconds for 100000 runs - with global function callback

This is somewhat strange for me as I would expect objects to be slower if
it has to look up the class and then locate the function table?

I'm exploring hashes now. I find code like this in php_imap.c:

        if (zend_hash_find(Z_ARRVAL_PP(envelope), "remail",
sizeof("remail"), (void **) &pvalue)== SUCCESS) {

Is that legal? It seems that it would alter the original array by forcing
conversion to string.

Lastly, I am trying to see the difference between zend_hash_find and
zend_hash_quick_find. Would I be correct in assuming quick_find only looks
at string keys, and it would be safe to use this if the function expects
only associative arrays?

Thanks again!


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David Croft
On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, Andi Gutmans wrote:

> At 02:16 PM 4/26/2001 -0400, David Croft wrote:
> >Hello, I'm implementing an extension that allows user callbacks.
> >
> >The Zend API document suggests using the Compiler globals to access the
> >function table. However I see the XML extension is using Executor globals.
> During execution the correct table to use is the executor globals one,
> i.e., EG(function_table).
> Andi

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