once again i did a [reply] where i wanted to do a [reply all]
(i don't like the way lists.php.net sets Reply-To: headers)

Zeev Suraski wrote:
> Guys,
> Aren't we getting just a tad bit carried away with this module?  A couple
> of points:

> - It implements something that doesn't make too much sense to put in a
> language (running PHP to get help about a PHP function is, well, not quite
> the logical way to do it).

thats why i made the URLs for Manual and FAQ customizable
so that rtfm() can give you the prefered manual and faq links
for a local installation

> - If for some odd reason you do feel it should be implemented in a
> function, it can be implemented in a couple of lines of PHP code, and gains
> nothing from being written in C

not unless installation of PEAR is mandatory

> - If for some odd reason we do end up thinking it should be written in C,
> this tiny function surely doesn't belong in its own module, but in
> basic_functions.c

basic_functions.c and ext/standard are a big pile of mess already 
and i definetly do not want to add anything to it at this point, 
especially not stuff marked as experimental
(if anything, i would add ctype to it)

some reasons for making up extensions for new things
- en/disable configure options are there by default
- can easyly be removed ;)

all this has been created almost four weeks ago (based on an idea by
but it got lost somewehre for some time. the beginning of this month
have been a far better chance to commit this code :)

after all i think this piece of code doesn't harm, doesn't break
and might be usefull every once in a while for the a-ha effect

if you all think it should be removed, than thats ok for me (somehow),
but i won't be the one to do so, and when it happens it should be
from php4/ext and phpdoc at the same time with a sensible announcement
or commit message and not just 'without comment'

(well, i might trade it in for gamma_tag_correct() from PHP3 ;> )

PS: sebastian was right with his request of making this a 'how to
 extension IMHO, and it helped me to find some quirks in ext_skel, so it
 isn't all useless after all

Hartmut Holzgraefe  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  http://www.six.de  +49-711-99091-77

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