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Bug Type: Unknown/Other Function
Description: for() error

I agree the code was a bit strange, but I found it weird that it worked with any 
letter but Z.

The suggested code worked. Thanks!

Previous Comments:

[2001-04-27 15:23:07] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I'm not even sure that is supposed to work like that.  Guys?

Why don't you use this instead?

for ($i = ord('A'); $i <= ord('Z'); $i++) {
     echo chr($i)."<br>";


[2001-04-27 15:06:25] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Trying to make a script that showed the letters from A to Z using the following code:

   for ($i = 'A'; $i <= 'Z'; $i++) {
      echo "$i<br>";      

I saw that the script outputted the first letters (A-Z) but then it started to display 
AA, AB, AC [...] YZ.
Replacing the 'Z' above to 'Y' (or any other letter between B and Y) makes the script 
show correctly the letters from A to that letter. 
Replacing letters to lowercase and/or single quotation marks to double causes the same 

This happened both in PHP 4.0.4pl1 under Windows and in PHP 4.0.1pl1 under Linux.


Full Bug description available at:

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