ID: 9306
Updated by: elixer
Old-Status: Open
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: Unknown/Other Function
PHP Version: 4.0.1pl2
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I believe this is because of operator precedence.  "=" has a lower precedence than 

Try adding parenthesis to your statement like this:

while( ($row = mysql_fetch_object($queryh, MYSQL_ASSOC)) && $i < $NR_CASES )


Previous Comments:

[2001-02-16 15:47:22] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
                $i = 0;
                $NR_CASES = 5;

                while( $row = mysql_fetch_object($queryh, MYSQL_ASSOC) && $i < 
                        <tr align="left">
                                        <FONT SIZE = "2">
                                        <?      echo $i . ": " . $row->head; ?> 

if i dont include && $i < $NR_CASES, $row->head will print.
if i include it (like now), i wont get anything.

wierd huh ?

im sorry i have no clue about the mods etc for php, im not the one who compiled it 


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