ID: 10544
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Open
Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
Description: if(!($res=OCIPLogon(...))

Serious problem...

I checked out php4 today, and compiled it on windows and linux.

The bang (!) in the if statement changes the resource to
if(!($connection=ociplogon("scott","tiger","orcl"))) {
var_dump($connection) = resource(1) of type (Unknown)
w/out the bang(!)
if(($connection=ociplogon("scott","tiger","orcl"))) {
var_dump($connection) = resource(1) of type (oci8 connection)

This code fails miserably:

if(!($connection=ociplogon("scott","tiger","orcl"))) {  echo "above result is false, 
so this will probably never happen<br>\n";
$query = "select user from dual";
echo OCIResult($statement,1)."<br>\n";


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[2001-04-28 22:03:39] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


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