Hello all,
I'm wondering if someone might be able to help me with a weird problem i am having.
I've had php4 up and running on my freebsd4.2 raq for quite a while now and all has been fine, recently ive had the need to compile ftp support into php. No matter what I do,( using the port or a manual compile), I can't get php to take ftp support.
I don't get any errors during the make process and all appears to be all find and dandy. But when I fire apache back up and pull up a phpinfo() I have no ftp support, all else still works and nothing reports there being any problem with php,  it just not taking the ftp ext. at all.  I tried using the ftp commands just to see if maybe it wasn't reporting to the info file, but no go.
If anyone has any insight on why this is happening I would gladly appreciate it.

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