ID: 1752
Updated by: jmoore
Status: Suspended
Bug Type: Other web server
PHP Version: 4.0 Beta 1
Assigned To: 

could we not use PATH_INFO here?

Previous Comments:

[1999-07-21 16:26:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This is a known problem;  Unfortunately, it originates in the way MS http servers 
and there's nothing much we can do about it...


[1999-07-20 11:59:20] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
this is for the precompiled Win32 version:

if you use phpinfo in a file called info.phtml on, say, the links to 
"PHP 4.0 Credits" should look like
but it looks like this:

a problem with PHP_SELF?

here's my info.phtml:


echo phpinfo();



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