Can you give an example of how it looks with request_uri and how it looks 
with both? Then it'll be easier for someone like me who doesn't know the 
standard too well to check the PHP manual and the HTTP standard to see what 
the correct behavior should be.


At 07:55 AM 4/29/2001 -0400, Sterling Hughes wrote:

>I've taken a look at the code that registers $PHP_SELF in the CGI version,
>in accordance with bug 6491.  I see the problem, its that on some server &
>OS combinations, the SCRIPT_NAME environment variable is incorrectly set
>and therefore the below code exhibits the bug (the strcmp() should
>avoid the request_uri being tagged on, but because the SCRIPT_NAME is
>invalid, it doesn't happen the two don't match, and the REQUEST_URI is
>incorrectly tagged on).
>It seems like the logical fix to this would to be just registering the
>REQUEST_URI as the PHP_SELF, however, I don't know this code to well,
>could one of the authors explain the reasoning behind prepending the
>SCRIPT_NAME when FORCE_CGI_REDIRECT is not enabled?
>Related Code:
>     php_register_variable("PHP_SELF", (SG(request_info).request_uri ? 
> SG(request_info).request_uri:""), track_vars_array ELS_CC PLS_CC);
>     {
>         char *sn;
>         char *val;
>         int l=0;
>         sn = getenv("SCRIPT_NAME");
>         pi = SG(request_info).request_uri;
>         if (sn)
>             l += strlen(sn);
>         if (pi)
>             l += strlen(pi);
>         if (pi && sn && !strcmp(pi, sn)) {
>             l -= strlen(pi);
>             pi = NULL;
>         }
>         val = emalloc(l + 1);
>         sprintf(val, "%s%s", (sn ? sn : ""), (pi ? pi : ""));   /* SAFE */
>         php_register_variable("PHP_SELF", val, track_vars_array ELS_CC
>         efree(val);
>     }
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