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Bug Type: iPlanet related
PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
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[2001-03-29 09:53:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Does this happen with latest CVS snapshot from ?



[2001-03-11 20:09:34] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Seems that case has worsen since I last posted this problem.
On my development server which has max of 256MB has already used up to around 90MB for 
simply serving php pages using NES. I have other servers running on similar config 
running jsp/cgi and they only use to a max of around 80MB.

On the production server where we have 10CPUS + 10GB Ram. My other server are still 
running at max of 80MB but the PHP NES configuration has jumped to an enormous 350MB!

It seems that the amount of memory PHP consumes and NOT release is directly 
proportional to the Max Ram available.

I will need to implement a fix to force release of ran memory. Performance CAN be 
sacrificied for the force release of memory (running a PHP CGI method is not an option)


[2001-03-06 12:48:18] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I have NSAPI PHP module installed with my Netscape Iplanet Web server 4.1SP3. It can 
run fine with all pages but then I checked memory usage thru "top" command, and it 
seems that the Memory used by the scripts are not returned after completing the 
script. This problem also happened when i used NSAPI PHP for Netscape Enterprise 
Server 3.63, but the problem was not as signifcant then.

After a few runs of php pages with database + ldap:
1) For NES 3.63 PHP NSAPI, it jumped from 20MB to 34MB
2) For NES 4.1SP3 PHP NSAPI, it jumped from 30MB to 65MB

Is there a memory leak for PHP NSAPI or is there a way to force PHP to release its 
memory? I have already set the memory limit to limit each script. (IT works), but 
still the 1-2MB memory I Allocate to the PHP is not freed up after use.

I am running it under an enterprise server and I can't have PHP eat up all the memory. 
It is imperative that i force php to relase it back for use, I know restarting 
webserver works, but I can't possibly reboot a production server frequently


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