ID: 7016
Updated by: sniper
Old-Status: Open
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: iPlanet related
PHP Version: 4.0.2
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status -> feedback

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[2001-04-30 04:43:38] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Try the following obj.conf entry, and see if it fixes your problem.  Apart from this 
change, you should follow the manual entry for the rest of the obj.conf

Init fn="load-modules" shlib="/path/to/server4/bin/" 
Init fn="php4_init" LateInit="yes" 


[2000-11-03 21:01:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


[2000-10-04 12:41:54] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This is the error I got when restarting iPlanet via command line after installing PHP4 
w/o any errors showing up:

conf_init: Error running init function load-modules: dlopen of 
/usr/netscape/server/bin/ failed ( ns-httpd: fatal: relocation 
error: file /usr/netscape/server/bin/ symbol __pure_virtual: referenced 
symbol not found)

Can you give me an ideas on what's going on here? Thanks.


We're using the GCC2.95.2 also. After configure, make and make install, these are  the 
steps I did:

1. add the ff line in mime.types
type=magnus-internal/x-httpd-php        exts=php

2. edit obj.conf
# note place following two lines after mime types init!
Init fn="load-modules" funcs="php4_init,php4_close,php4_execute,php4_auth_trans" 
Init fn=php4_init errorString="Failed to initialize PHP!"

<Object name="default">
. # NOTE this next line should happen after all 'ObjectType' and before all 'AddLog' 
Service fn="php4_execute" type="magnus-internal/x-httpd-php"

<Object name="x-httpd-php">
ObjectType fn="force-type" type="magnus-internal/x-httpd-php"
Service fn=php4_execute

Are these correct?



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