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I am running a Xitami (v2.4c1) server on win2000.
I used the install shield to install PHP 4.0.4.
All the filters and stuff seem to be set up right in Xitami. I have installed and used 
PHP 3 with the same server and followed the same steps to configure it for PHP 4.
I have set the "doc_root" in the php.ini file to "C:\Nigel\VWS".

However, when I run a script nothing happens: I get a blank browser screen. Setting 
the "display_startup_errors" in the php.ini file I get the message:
"Fatal error: Unable to open C:\Nigel\VWS\ in Unknown on line 0"

I tried commenting out the "doc_root" setting in the php.ini file and I get the same 
error only it's pointing to the cgi-bin directory of Xitami (even though I have told 
it to use "c:\Nigel\VSM\" for files). 
I tried pointing the "doc_root" to the complete path of the php script file including 
it's filename and that worked and processed the file normally... every time the server 
started up php for any page.

I really am stumped. Thanks in advance.

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