How about we stop this thread and invest all of this time in going over the 
bugs database and fixing bugs? :)
We do spend too much time typing and not enough time resolving bugs... (me 
included sometimes).
I think although not everyone agrees we do have more or less a concensus on:
a) Being even more careful in what goes into the release branch. The 
patches should be reviewed more especially when they are coming from people 
who aren't known as core developers. Also patches from core developers 
should be reviewed but if Sascha *needs* a patch for his ircg in the next 
release, even if it's a new feature, I think it's OK.
b) Let's try and enlarge the amount of people who test RC's but not by too 
many. We can do this via php-general@ writing strict guidelines in the 
Email of what should and should not be reported; and how it is reported. If 
it is not reported the right way we can just nuke it from the bugs database 
until after the release.

Now let's go and catch those bugs and start the 4.0.6 release cycle soon :)

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