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Bug Type: COM related
PHP Version: 4.0.5
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[2001-05-02 23:02:47] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The com extension in 4.0.5 is broken. So staying with 4.0.4pl1 for now is safer.

Update to 4.0.6 when it's released.



[2001-05-02 00:16:42] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I have just upgraded from v4.0.4 and am having trouble with COM. I downloaded the 
WIN32 install for IIS (smaller version).

The command I had working in 4.0.4 was:
$ad = new COM("component");
This is a Visual Basic 6 DCOM component I had created and was looking at converting to 
a PHP/Web solution.

With v4.0.5, the application generates:
"dbg: Unable to initialise module
Module compiled with debug=0, thread-safety=1 module API=2001214
PHP compiled with debug=0, thread-safety=1 module API=200001222
These options need to match."
The web session hangs.

If I change "COM" to "com_load" I get the message above, plus the following message is 
displayed in the web session:
"Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: com_load in 
C:Inetpubwwwrootcctestcom.php on line 118"

I would appreciate any assistance (or access to a copy of the WIN32 short install for 
version 4.0.4).

James Organ


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