On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 06:12:18AM +0200, Sebastian Bergmann wrote:
> Zeev Suraski wrote:
> > Officially announced by the PHP Group and on www.php.net.
>   Well, then I dearly hope that this will happen this year.
>   Which really makes sense IMHO, since a good part of the PHP Group will
> be present: Thies and Sascha already said that they'll visit PHP
> Kongress 2001, as they did in 2000. Stig promised to come and
> 'evangelize PEAR', Rasmus told me on OSDEM in Brussles that he would try
> to come and you, Zeev, and Andi told me a while ago that you'd like to
> attend, too.

If I be back on 

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