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so the php-3.0.12-6.rpm just doesn't seem to have
mySQL support compiled in

this is not a php error, blame RedHat for not 
enabeling it 

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[2001-05-02 22:46:53] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I am using php-3.0.12-6 with Redhat Linux 6.1 Kernel 2.2.12-20 and installed by rpm.
And I using this script to test and return error: 
'Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function mysql_connect()':


    $link = mysql_connect ("", "root", "")
        or die ("Could not connect");
    print ("Connected successfully");
    mysql_close ($link);


So I try to test on next machine using php-4.0.1pl2 (default installed) with Redhat 
Linux 7.0 Kernel 2.2.16, and it run fine.

Follow is the MySQL section at /etc/httpd/php3.ini,

mysql.allow_persistent = On ;
mysql.max_persistent = -1 ; 
mysql.max_links = -1 ;
mysql.default_port =    ;                               
mysql.default_host =    ;
mysql.default_user =    ; 
mysql.default_password  =    ; 

I would too much thanks for you if you can help me out for now I feel upset I stop at 
this point I cannot continue my web job. Thanks thanks thanks.



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