ID: 10292
Updated by: sniper
Old-Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: InterBase related
PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
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Should be fixed in CVS now.


Previous Comments:

[2001-04-23 04:31:06] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I finally found the bug myself. And it was indeed in ./ext/interbase.c

Normally you would terminate a string explicitly after a strncpy(), but one should 
think this was unnecessary in this part of the code, as the string-length is part of 
the variable-structure. Nevertheless I added a statement which filled in the missing 
zero to end the string, and Voila! All the strange characters disappeared. Could it 
be, that the code handling the PHP-arrays doesn't use the len-parameter, but only uses 
the estrdup() function (which assumes a correctly terminated string)?

In the same function I also discovered a memoryleak when handling magic-quotes, so the 
final diff between the new interbase.c and the old one (version 1.48) looks like this 
(I have removed many of the leading spaces):

$ diff interbase.c interbase.orig.c
< IB_ARRAY[ar_cnt].el_type = SQL_VARYING;
> IB_ARRAY[ar_cnt].el_type = SQL_TEXT;
<           val->value.str.val[len] = 0;
< val->value.str.val = php_addslashes(val->value.str.val, len, &len, 1);  /* Old 
string should be deleted */
> /*
> char *tmp = val->value.str.val;
> */
> val->value.str.val = php_addslashes(val->value.str.val, len, &len, 0);
> /*
> efree(tmp);
> */

The first change is questioned in the code, so I just changed it! - and from my 
testing there wasn't any changed (or erroneous) behaviour noticed.
The two other changes are the string-termination bugfix and the memory-leak bugfix.

I have seen another bugreport concerning the formatting of the floating-point 
datatypes - I am currentliy not using floating-point fields in my databases, but maybe 
one should take a look at the FP-handling in the same function 

Yours sincerely,

PS! Keep up the good work - PHP is great!


[2001-04-11 14:35:27] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
// f1 and f2 are of type varchar
$id=ibase_query($tr_id, "SELECT f1, f2 FROM t1;");
$res = ibase_fetch_row($id);
echo "'".$res[0]."'";  // Working fine
$arr[$res[0]] = 1;
$arr[$res[1]] = 2;
foreach ($res as $r => $v)
  echo "'$r'n";     // will in some cases add unexpected
                     // characters to end of $r
                     // It is the same with each construct
// The same applies to ibase_fetch_object()

The values in the database are correct, as the unwanted characters may vary depending 
on the number of columns in the select-statement. But it is always the same characters 
on repeated executions.
I have made a work-around in a way like this:
$arr[str_pad($res[0], -1)] = 1;

I think it has something to do with the Interbase-API, as it is the same errors 
regardless of the Webserver (Apache 1.3.14 & 1.3.19, PHP 4.0.4pl1 or Win9x PWS, CGI or 
ISAPI version of PHP 4.0.4pl1) connecting to Interbase 6.01 on RedHat 6.1 and RedHat 

The bug was first observed when doing a split(), where the last element in the 
resulting array had strange characters attached to the end.

PHP configured with minimal changes to defaults (Interbase support, 

Hope this is sufficient information, otherwise write me for further info, and I will 
try to deliver it (if I can).



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