From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Linux (Debian Sid)
PHP version:      4.0.5
PHP Bug Type:     Apache related
Bug description:  request_config is bogus

Using apache 1.3.19-1 and php4.0.4.5rc6-2 (debian packages)

$ ./ext_skel --extname=apdebug

Apply this patch:

diff -ur apdebug/apdebug.c
---       Thu May  3 09:44:19 2001
+++ apdebug/apdebug.c   Thu May  3 09:45:05 2001
@@ -74,6 +74,9 @@
 /* Remove if there's nothing to do at request start */
+       request_rec *r;
+   r = ((request_rec *) SG(server_context));
+   fprintf(stderr, "APDEBUG, request_config=%#lx\n", 
        return SUCCESS;

$ phpize
./configure --enable-apdebug
$ make; make install

add to php.ini

We've had numerous reports (on my own machine, but also on 
SuSE, Redhat and others) where request_config would always 
be 0x10000, and verifiably have another (sane) value in 
other apache modules during the same request. This is the 
only dynamic extension loaded, other than the built-in 
extensions that the debian php4 package provides.

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