ID: 10631
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Old-Status: Feedback
Status: Open
Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
Description: Incorrectly reported line number on errors with Mac line-breaks

Thanks, but unfortunately I can't test it myself as my servers have no C compilation 
facilities (for security purposes, etc.), so I'll have to wait.

Once 4.0.6 is out, though, if it doesn't solve this problem, I'll post back to this 
bug report.

Previous Comments:

[2001-05-03 06:26:59] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This is likely fixed in the CVS now. PHP 4.0.6 will have it. Can you please try the 
latest CVS of PHP (and Zend) to test if it works now?


[2001-05-03 06:21:10] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
When a file is saved using Macintosh-style line breaks 
('r') and there is some kind of error in the script (maybe 
a parse error, etc.) then the line number that is reported 
is always line 1.

It's a fairly minor thing, but annoying nonetheless. A 
workaround, obviously, is to make sure you save your 
scripts with Unix line-breaks ('n').

This sounds like it's related to (and may have been fixed 
along with) bug #10578. However, in my experience it has 
been in existence since PHP 4 was first released and 
possibly even in PHP3. Maybe I should have reported it 
sooner... :)


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