At 12:52 PM 5/3/2001 +0100, James Moore wrote:

> > What's the status of the show stoppers list James put up?  We
> > should fix as
> > many bugs as we can (at least those which are planned to be fixed
> > in 4.0.6)
> > before branching, to avoid having to synchronize two branches for
> > every bug
> > fix.
>Ill go through tonight and update list and post tomorrow. I also feel the
>Com problem is a showstopper and that NEDDS to be fixed before 4.0.6.. I
>have 6 emails from people at PHP_UK etc asking if it will be fixed in 4.0.6
>etc. Lets not let the 99% of people use PHP on linux lets ignore the windows
>users ethos of many opensource projects happen here too. We try to be
>crossplatform lets make sure we are and get the COM thing fixed too.

It seems to be fixed already.


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