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>ID: 10342
>Updated by: cynic
>Old-Status: Closed
>Status: Open
>Bug Type: Compile Problem
>PHP Version: 4.0 Latest CVS (11/04/2001)
>Assigned To:
>well, CVS might convert LF to CRLF, but the fact is, that TSRM.dsp in 
>snapshots from has had LF for ages. Last time I checked 
>(php4-200105021045.tar.bz2) this was valid.

err probably because it's checked out on an unix machine...?
it's a one liner script script that can convert the \n's to \r\n's ...
please close it again.


and no it don't see a reason to have another snapshot for that :)

>Previous Comments:
>[2001-04-27 13:29:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>cvs will automatically converting LF/CR to just a LF, so it doesn't matter 
>if you're checking in with LF/CR or just LF.
>on checkout CVS will use the system's setting to convert the LF.
>[2001-04-16 00:04:04] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>There's allready a bug still open for it from last
>year ( #8480).
>The annotation to this bug stated that checking out
>under win32 does automatic line conversion.
>Under certain circumstances this doesn't seem to be true
>because when checking out the file its still in unix
>So, MSVC still isn't able to open (and, altough its easy to
>fix it locally you first have to find the problem ...)
>The easiest way would probably to check this file in
>with CL/LF ? Just :set ff=dos and :w ;-)
>  Markus
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daniel beulshausen - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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