Hey James,

No, this happens with all extensions.  php_gtk.dll was just an example I
used, it was the first, in a series of extensions, I tried loading.


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Subject: Bug #9555 Updated: Dynamic libraries are not being found in the
php.ini's extension_dir

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PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
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Does this only happen with php_gtk.dll if so you need to get a newer version
of PHP, the php_gtk.dll only works with latest cvs not with 4.0.4. It will
work the 4.0.5 when its released.  - James

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[2001-03-05 02:41:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Everytime I try to load any dynamic library from the php.ini's
extension_dir, I get the following error (the dll specified changes
depending on what library I am trying to load):  Unable to load dynamic
library 'C:Inetpubphpextensions/php_gtk.dll' - The specified procedure could
not be found.  My php.ini file contains the following line:  extension_dir =
C:Inetpubphpextensions  It occured to me that I was missing a trailing
backslash; therefore I changed my ini file to:  extension_dir =
C:Inetpubphpextensions  This didn't seem to help as I got a similar error
message:  Unable to load dynamic library
'C:Inetpubphpextensionsphp_gtk.dll' - The specified procedure could not be
found.  I then thought that maybe any dll I load from the extension dir must
also be in the %systemroot%system32 dir, so I copied the php_gtk.dll to
C:WINNTsystem32.  Sadly, I kept getting the same error.  I also tried
putting single qoutes and double qoutes around the extension_dir path... as
you can guess, I got the same error.  This seems to me, to be a very serious
problem!  I can't understand how the inability to load dynamic libraries has
gone unnoticed for so many versions.  Any help on this matter would be
greatly appreciated!  I am running php 4.0.4pl1 as a CGI on Windows 2000 /
IIS.  As a side not, I have compiled and configured php many times, on
various Linux installations, and dynamic loading works perfectly.


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