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Bug Type: IMAP related
PHP Version: 4.0.2
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That's the Message-ID header. The uid which imap_uid() is intended to return is a 
unique identifier of that that message in that mailbox that won't change over time. It 
has nothing to do with the Message-ID header.

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[2001-05-03 17:14:14] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
From: "Rick Gigger" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

All email messages have a unique identifier.  It is a long string that ususally 
contains a domiain name or ip address.  It is unique to all email addresses in the 
world.  It would be much, much more useful if imap_uid
would return that instead.


[2001-05-03 15:36:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
You might have the wrong idea of what uid is - what do you expect it to be? On pop 
servers the message uid will very likely just _be_ the message number...


[2000-10-27 03:30:55] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
When I call connect to a qmail pop server and call imap_uid all it does is return the 
message number back to me.  It DOES NOT return the uid.  I have to call imap_header 
for that and it is very slow.


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