I think that there are two ways to look at the issue that John raised.

One, is a cosmetic change, that would add a bit of bloat to classes, and 
retain another name in them.  Allowing access to it using some specialized 
function (get_beautiful_class_name() or something like that).

The other, is a more fundamental change, and it is to change PHP to be case 
dependant.  PHP 4.0 follows the standard set by PHP/FI 2.0 (or earlier), 
and maintains case sensitivity for variable names, but not function names 
or class names.  IMHO, there's very little reason for this inconsistency, 
and PHP would have been better off with full case sensitivity across class 
names, function names and variable names.  It would also improve 
performance fairly significantly.

IMHO, in a compatibility breaking upgrade, we should look into defaulting 
to case sensitivity, while allowing case insensitivity as a non-default option.


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