Hi Sean!
On Fri, 04 May 2001, Sean Chittenden wrote:

>       Howdy.  So I was checking out Perl, Ruby, and Java's
> performance specs on a language shootout, and PHP got stomped on.  It
> was safely sitting at the bottom of the list (check out the score card
> page).
> http://www.bagley.org/~doug/shootout/
>       The good news is, the reason it got stomped on wasn't because
> of the language, it was because it wasn't represented.  So what's the
> deal here?  The only test that PHP was enrolled in was the Ackermann's
> Function.  How could 25 other languages (some I'd never heard of
> before), have better community support than the beast that is PHP?
> I'd really like to know how well PHP would stack up compared to these
> other languages (esp Java) if well represented.
>       Hacking in C (grudgingly),
>         Sean
>       PS What really happened was I just had PHP nuked as a viable
> language for a contract job I was doing (now doing it in C) because
> the CTO came back and referenced PHP's performance on this page.  The
> CTO's bright, but an old stodgy UNIX/C programmer that wouldn't give.
uhm, I think your CTO shows serious I/O errors, as he failed to read some
interesting sectors of the main page:

Disclaimer No. 1: I'm just a beginner in many of these languages, so if you can help me
  improve any of the tests, please drop me an email.  Thanks.
Disclaimer No. 2: These pages are provided for novelty
  purposes only.  Any other use voids the manufacturer's warranty.
  Do not mix with alchohol.  Some contents may consist of recycled

The flaw was so evident that he didn't see it.
-- teodor

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