ID: 10623
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Open
Bug Type: *Session related
Description: Left value $HTTP_SESSION_VARS[] doesn't work

Actually use $HTTP_SESSIONS_VARS[] for right-value and global variables for left-value 
directly won't have any security problems. So I guess this IS a bug but it doesn't 

Previous Comments:

[2001-05-02 22:44:19] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I use binary release of 4.0.5
I turn on global_vars
the following statement won't work:

$HTTP_SESSION_VARS["god"] = true;

instead, I have to use

however, if I have assigned true to $god via the statement "$god=true", I can access 
$god via $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["god"].

This means, $HTTP_SESSION_VARS[] can only work as a right-value.


Full Bug description available at:

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