> >Hmm... hope Sterling's work on ADT (sweet, sweet ADT, drool, etc.) isn't
> >delayed due to this. (Doubt it would be, but you never know.)
> ADT?  (I know what it means, but not in the context of PHP)
It was briefly mentioned on the Weekly Summary for 23/03/01 on the Zend web
site. (http://www.zend.com/zend/week/week34.php) Probably best to ask
Sterling himself for the details, but here's what he responded with when I
asked him:

        adt, advanced data types, is built in support for things like linked
        lists, b-trees, m-trees, hash's, etc.


As I've said, I can't imagine that case sensitivity will affect this in the
least. (To be more accurate, I hope it doesn't, as I could really do with
access to some of the above real-soon-now. Still, the best things in life
are worth waiting for.)


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