It's in everyone's interest to keep the API intact.  The Zend API is now 
fairly stable (I don't expect compatibility breaking changes in the 4.0 
line);  Judging from the experience of PHP 3.0, there too, the API 
stabilized around x.0.5.


At 18:29 4/5/2001, Brian Foddy wrote:
>A small point I'd like to raise here.
>I noticed 4.0.5 made a change to the arguments of
>by adding a "dupe" argument to the define and underlying function.
>This of course broke any external custom modules that are not
>changed appropriately.  In this case the change was very simple,
>but it raises a good question...
>Are there some guidelines independent external modules can follow
>to remain more compatible between releases?  I'm not questioning
>the right or need for underlying Zend API changes, obviously
>when such changes are made all functions inside the PHP collection
>are change accordingly.  But are there suggestions to minimize
>these in the future and get better notified when they do occur?
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