Quoting Jani Taskinen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> You're american, right? :)

Guilty as charged. :)

> Try checking it today..now it says 4/5/2001 (4th of May 2001).
> This is of course 'wrong' as it should be 04.05.2001 which is the correct
> way to show dates. Should it be changed? (just cosmetics, IMO)

Ah. Actually, the "correct" way I've seen endorsed that has no ambiguity is
2001-05-04. And yes, I think it should be changed. It's not just cosmetics;
it's geniunely ambiguous and confusing.

> >filename with no path delimiters. For example, if the script is
> >/var/www/foo.php, __FILE__ contains 'varwwwfoo.php'.
> Works for me.

Are you sure you have the latest Zend, also? I just updated and rebuilt
everything and it's still broken.


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