At 21:05 4/5/2001, Hartmut Holzgraefe wrote:
>PS: about the "welcome" thing above ...
>-  you should know that i have put a lot of work into the manual
>    (both english and german) and the function tables


I wasn't trying to understate your work on the manual;  I told you 
personally that the function reference mechanism that you build was very 
impressive and useful.  I wasn't being sarcastic when I invited you (and 
anyone else) to help document the Zend API.  I know I won't be getting 
around to doing it in the near future, so if nobody else does it, it'll 
simply remain undone.

>-  afair there was someone who started to write a 'extension
>    building manual' or something about a year ago and it was you
>    , Zeev, who told him that this was useless effort as this was
>    already beeing taken care off (without pointing him to this
>    project or inviting him to join it)
>    correct me if i'm wrong as i do not have found this posting
>    in my archives yet

You're not wrong;  It's been done and published 
(, and is the base for additional work that I 
invited people to improve on.


Zeev Suraski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
CTO &  co-founder, Zend Technologies Ltd.

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