Hi all

About a year ago, I've written a parser too. I'v planed to first do further
work on it before I share it with you. Unfortunately, I've never had time
to 'complete' the extension. As far as I remember it compiled fine and worked
quite fine apart from the kown bugs (see ext/msg/KNOWN_BUGS in the tarball). I
now desided to give it away anyway because I haven't any clue when (if ever)
I will be able to further work on the extension.

May the php developer community make the best of it!


extension facts:
required libs: none
based on: - / written from scratch
interdepends: none
interrecommends: ext/recode

http://nns.ch/ext_msg_a20000629.tar.gz (~ 13kB)

relateted mails:

Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 07:29:43 +0200
From: Jade Nicoletti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: Chuck Hagenbuch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: MIME header parser

Hi chunk,

I just wanted you to know, that I'm implementing a MIME header parser as a
php extension in C/Yacc/Lex. You once mentioned in the PEAR mailing list that
you want to do that as a PEAR module, but i think that the performence would
be quite poor compared to my extension. So, before you start working on it,
drop me a mail and ask me for the state.

It currently only parses address lists, conforming to rfc822 and rfc2047.
There's also a loose address list parser which lets you handle user input (from
form data) on witch you can have a callback function or object for auto-
completing (address book lookups, default host appendments, ...).

I plan to make it rfc2303 and rfc2231 compatible und to parse entire MIME


PS: my rfc2047 adrlist parser (including decoding+recoding) is faster than the
    simple c-client rfc822 paser :))  plus, it follows the RFCs more
    strictly :)

From: Jade Nicoletti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: Chuck Hagenbuch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Re: MIME header parser

On Wed, Jul 05, 2000 at 04:28:46PM -0400, Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
> Are you handling i18n stuff, too (charsets, etc)? If so, how?

In the current state, i'm handling i18n stuff only, when you configure php
--with-recode. I then recode everything that is not limited anyway to us-ascii
to a `super charset', that the user (php developer) may choose (preferably a
unicode charset, by default it is UTF-8 now).

This meens, if you want your webmail application to handle i18n stuff, you
should generate the pages witch display mails, mail indices, etc in unicode and
not in ISO-8859-1 or even worse in us-ascii.
This is a good thing anyway; UTF-8 will become the default web charset.

I'll probably have to enable i18n handling even if --with-recode is not
specified at compile time, so that one can dynamicly load librecode and have
it's benefits.


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