""Yasuo Ohgaki"" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> If I disable one of display_errors and log_errors in php.ini, then it prints 2
> errors.
> If I disable both them in php.ini, it does not display any errors.
> I thought there might be a problem. I guess this is the way it is.
> php -d display_errors=off -d log_errors=off [-l | -f]
> works *perfectly* while they are set "On" in php.ini.

I noticed my mistake in this mail.
> php -d display_errors=off -d log_errors=off [-l | -f]
does not work

php -d display_errors=off -d error_log=off [-l | -f]

works and prints only useful error messages for Emacs when
debug is enabled.

Yasuo Ohgaki

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