ID: 10636
Updated by: cynic
Status: Open
Old-Bug Type: Compile Failure
Bug Type: Documentation problem
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.5
Assigned To: 

-> docuprob

Previous Comments:

[2001-05-07 11:33:54] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
thies sez:

    what version of oci are compiling against? i bet it's 8.0.x!

    please take out the HAVE_OCI8_TEMP_LOB=1 in the
    compiler-setting for oci8 - and you should be all set.

    aou could also upgrade the client to 8.1.x to make the error

really, this is the case. thies, do you think you could add a note on this to the 


[2001-05-03 13:36:59] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
oh, it's actually php4-200105030645, not 4.0.5


[2001-05-03 11:52:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
this is what I got when I tried to build php_oci8.dll from the latest snapshot:

--------------------Configuration: oci8 - Win32 Release_TS--------------------
D:compilephpphp4-200105030645extoci8oci8.c(2839) : warning C4018: '>=' : 
signed/unsigned mismatch
D:compilephpphp4-200105030645extoci8oci8.c(3130) : warning C4018: '!=' : 
signed/unsigned mismatch
D:compilephpphp4-200105030645extoci8oci8.c(3215) : warning C4013: 
'OCILobCreateTemporary' undefined; assuming extern returning int
D:compilephpphp4-200105030645extoci8oci8.c(3220) : error C2065: 'OCI_TEMP_CLOB' : 
undeclared identifier
D:compilephpphp4-200105030645extoci8oci8.c(3231) : warning C4013: 'OCILobOpen' 
undefined; assuming extern returning int
D:compilephpphp4-200105030645extoci8oci8.c(3234) : error C2065: 'OCI_LOB_READWRITE' : 
undeclared identifier
D:compilephpphp4-200105030645extoci8oci8.c(3298) : warning C4013: 'OCILobClose' 
undefined; assuming extern returning int
Error executing xicl6.exe.

php_oci8.dll - 2 error(s), 5 warning(s)

I haven't tried to build the oci extension for several months, but it used to work, 
and I haven't touched the orant directory since, nor the include nor library paths in 


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