ID: 9878
Updated by: derick
Old-Status: Analyzed
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: Date/time related
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PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
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Waiting for feedback on Rasmus' question.

Previous Comments:

[2001-05-05 15:40:26] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Are you sure that bit of code applies in your case?  ie. is HAVE_TM_GMTOFF undefined 
in your main/php_config.h file?  I am unable to recreate this problem here, but on my 
Linux box my gmadjust value comes straight from the libc system call ie. I have 


[2001-03-30 10:13:58] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I know there are a lot of open bugs and this one is probably pretty small compared to 
most, but the time window to
easily verify this bug and my suggested fix is quickly going
away for 6 months.  With the time shift this weekend, it
wil be much more difficult to reproduce this bug, unless you
start subtracting 86400 seconds per day to get back into standard time.

If someone could just look at what I've provided I think
it will be a no-brainer.  Even if it doesn't get tagged into
the new release, at least it will saved for the next.



[2001-03-20 14:08:09] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
gmmktime is producing a timestamp 1 hour off when the timezone is standard time.  If 
you compare a 
time() with gmmktime  with current settings and a is_dst
value NULL, the results will be one hour off.

I used the following little script to prove this:
print ("<PRE>");
print ("Time function = ".time ());
print ("n");
print ("gmmktime = ".gmmktime (18,25,0,3,20,2001));
print ("n");
print ("mktime = ".mktime(12,25,0,3,20,2001));
print ("n");
print (gmmktime(7,0,0,4,1,2001)."  ".mktime(1,0,0,4,1,2001)."n");
print (gmmktime(8,0,0,4,1,2001)."  ".mktime(3,0,0,4,1,2001)."n");


Currently, the US/Central timezone is -6 hours from GMT.

I believe the problem is in ext/standard/datetime.c, line
186.  Judging from the code, "timezone" seems to be a negative seconds value from GMT, 
probably of the standard timezone (TZ in standard).  So if is_dst == 0, you don't want 
to add anything more.  I think the like should say:

gmadjust = -(is_dst ? timezone - 3600 : timezone );

And the comment about overcorrecting removed.

My test script works if this line is changed.


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