At 19:05 07.05.2001 +0200, Sebastian Bergmann wrote:
>Cynic wrote:
> > ok, so the outcome is that it takes 3+ days for changes in CVS
> > to get propagated to snapshots at because I got
> > that error with php4-200105030645, i. e. a snap from May 3rd.
>   Oops, I trusted Daniel's 'fix win32 build' commit message, as it
>generaly holds true if he says he fixed something. :-/

that fix was unrelated to the compile errors that were mentioned, as 
sterling updated the curl interface after that.
anyway i can compile the curl extension with the latest cvs just fine, so i 
assume that they have been fixed anyway.


daniel beulshausen - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
using php on windows?

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