ID: 10739
Updated by: chagenbu
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: Compile Failure
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.5
Assigned To: 

I get the same thing, and the common link seems to be IMAP - somewhere between 
revision 1.27 and the current version of ext/imap/config.m4, the build was broken such 
that it doesn't add the right include paths - the zlib test compile fails because the 
mm_* callbacks that libc-client expects to find aren't defined in any of the included 

I'll try and dig up a config.log message later if this doesn't ring a bell for someone.

Previous Comments:

[2001-05-08 18:43:39] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
There is more likely something else that fails.
Check the config.log file for more info.



[2001-05-08 18:36:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
My compile options follow:



[2001-05-08 18:32:59] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Zlib fails to compile even though it is properly installed. 

configure: error: Zlib module requires zlib >= 1.0.9.

[root@websmith php-4.0.5]# rpm -qa |  grep zlib

Bug 8575 says;
[2001-04-10 09:45:37] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

No feedback. If this happens with soon to be released PHP 4.0.5 too, reopen this bug



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