>PHP 4.0 for Windows comes in two flavours - a CGI executable 
>(php.exe), and an ISAPI module (php4isapi.dll). 

what about php4apache.dll? shouldn't that be mentioned too?

BTW, that reminds me: ASF guys have changed the names of the 
win32 Apache modules to match the unix names; apachefoo.dll
became mod_foo.so. shouldn't PHP follow this pattern?

>The latter is new to PHP 4.0,

maybe "somewhat new"? it's been around for quite some time.

>the PHP ISAPI module uses the thread-safe version of the PHP 
>code, which is completely new to PHP 4.0

well, win32 Apache is also threaded, and win32 mod_php.so is
thus thread-safe, sans the horror IIS users experience. 
(no pun intended, I'm just glad I'm on the other side of the 
fence :)
so, I wouldn't say it's "completely new"...

Hmm, after reading the whole file I realized it doesn't mention
installation for win32 Apache. Is this information someplace else?

At 14:50 9.5. 2001, Phil Driscoll wrote the following:
>The attached file is a modified version of the README.txt file for the
>Windows distribution.
>Changes I've made are as follows:
>I've changed the wording of the opening paragraph about the ISAPI module to
>make it clear that users really are likely to have a bad time with the ISAPI
>module stability.
>I've added a section at the end on how to fix common problems which should
>save a good bit of list traffic.
>If anyone has any comments, changes or suggestions please let me know, or if
>people are happy with the changes, would someone be kind enough to commit
>the file to CVS - I'm in the middle of setting up my new computer and don't
>yet have a working CVS client up and running.
>Phil Driscoll
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