the config.m4 defines several macros like this

        PHP_ADD_LIBRARY_WITH_PATH(jpeg, $withval/lib)
        LIBS="$LIBS -L$withval/lib -ljpeg"

    I.e. it correctly adds the library using PHP-specific macros,
    but then continues in the wrong way by adding some cruft to
    LIBS manually.

    I would not be surprised, if this is the reason for the
    problems Jani described.  People are already complaining to
    me about this mis-feature in 4.0.5 which causes other checks
    to fail in non-obvious ways.

    Unfortunately, we cannot simply rip them out as
    PHP_GD_CHECK_VERSION depends on being able to link a program
    against libgd.a successfully and that only works, if gd's
    auxiliary libraries are present.

    So, what I would propose is to reset the LIBS/LDFLAGS
    variables after leaving the body of AC_ARG_WITH(gd ..) to the
    state they had before entering it.  That should leave the
    current functionality intact and it prevents the
    modifications to "infect" the rest of the system.


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