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> On Mon, May 07, 2001 at 06:54:53PM +0200, Vincen Pujol wrote:
> >                  Hi,
> >          Sorry for the crossposting but I don't know where to find a 
> > solution for this. I need to be able to update dynamically entries in a DNS 
> > (Bind 9). My DNS supports dynamic updates but how to do dynamic updates in 
> > my DNS server from a PHP Script ??
> Might be interesting to add such a thing to PHP as a PEAR extension
> maybe, but you could use a separate program for that, and just execute
> it from PHP. Another possibility is to use my LDAP back-end for BIND
> rather than dynamic updates. The effect is mostly the same. BIND will
> look up the data in LDAP every time (lose some performance, normally
> not a problem), and you can modify the data at any time from for
> instance PHP by accessing the LDAP server. If anyone wants to look at
> the LDAP back-end, see http://www/dns/bind/bind-sdb/. If you look at
I guess this will take most people to somewhere else than they
expect. :-)

 - Stig

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