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This sounds like an unreliable way to accomplish your goal, as you are finding out.

Don't you think it would be better to simply have a META tag refresh the chat session 
(could be a frame or what not) every X seconds?  Could have the user list in a 
seperate frame and the message entry area in another.


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[2001-05-10 07:45:16] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This is going to be used for a chat board, there will be an infinite loop which reads 
from a mySQL db and flushes the output. 

I tought there was something wrong with my db access code however I realised that, the 
code was not working altough I have simplified it as I have posted.

I have tried with different os and web server software. I have tried Linux & Apache 
and Win2k & IIS5.

When I open the page, it works fine. When I open the same page in another window at 
the same computer it still works fine however if I try to open a third browser window 
(private chat with 3 person for instance) the browser window freezes and if I close 
one of the previous browser windows the third window starts working.

Thank you,



[2001-05-09 10:42:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
1.) Why are you doing an infinite loop in the first place?

2.) This is working just fine for me on my linux machine with 4.0.5.



[2001-05-09 10:01:38] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1254">
for($value=1; $value>0; $value++){


The code above does not work when opened in more than two browsers on the same 

Any ideas?

Thank you. 


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