I'm in the middle of sorting out the windows installation instructions for
the manual and the readme file for the windows distribution. What I thought
would be a quick job, as usual, is much more complicated than I thought. The
readme.txt, install.txt and the manual all contradict each other, and all
are wrong in various places :(

Anyway, I'm well on with the job, but I have an issue with the instructions
on installing PHP with PWS on NT Workstation. All the instructions
everywhere talk about editing the registry, but as far as I am aware, PWS on
NTWS is not in the least bit interested in the registry - it uses the IIS
metabase just the same as IIS 4 and above. The windows installer certainly
edits the metabase rather than the registry when doing an install of PWS on
NTWS, and that works fine. As far as I'm concerned, the instructions for
installing PHP on PWS/NTWS should be the same as for installing with IIS/NT

Does anyone know something I don't on this issue, or is it ok for me to go
ahead and change the instructions accordingly?

Phil Driscoll
Dial Solutions
+44 (0)113 294 5112

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