ID: 10765
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Old-Status: Feedback
Status: Open
Bug Type: Sockets related
Operating system: Windows 98
PHP Version: 4.0.5
Description: timeout doesn't work

Actually I am making a Webster dictionary Web Interface:

$fp = fsockopen($webster_server, $webster_port, $err, $errno, 5);
socket_set_timeout($fp, 5);

Here 5 seconds timeout in fsockopen() doesn't work. If it cannot connet, it will 
simply wait until the maximun script execution time (default 30 seconds in php.ini) 

socket_set_timeout() seems to be not implemented in this version.

(PHP 4.0.5, Windows CGI binary release)

Previous Comments:

[2001-05-10 04:44:49] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Add some short script which demonstrates how they don't work.



[2001-05-09 16:43:46] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
timeout parameter in fsockopen() doesn't work
socket_set_timeout() doesn't work.

I am using PHP 4.0.5 (binary release, CGI version) in Windows 98.


Full Bug description available at:

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