It is, it's a documentation bug :)

At 08:25 11/5/2001, Richard McLean wrote:
> From the PHP FAQ ...
>" The last method is to use PHP as a plug-in for a multithreaded web 
>server. Currently this is only theoretical -- PHP does not yet work as a 
>plug-in for any multithreaded web servers. Work is progressing on support 
>for ISAPI, WSAPI, and NSAPI (on Windows), which will all allow PHP to be 
>used as a plug-in on multithreaded servers like Netscape FastTrack, 
>Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS), and O'Reilly's WebSite Pro. 
>When this happens, the behavior will be essentially the same as for the 
>multiprocess model described before. "
>I thought that PHP was available as a ISAPI & NSAPI plug-in already?
>Is it not?
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