I've done some searching and this is my Feedback :
I tried to install Php as a package (Apache,MySQL, Php4) from <a
href="http://www.firepages.com.au">www.firepages.com.au</a> and it worked
great.  I then went to <a href="http://www.opensa.com">www.opensa.com</a>  
and downloaded and installed php as a package (Apache, Mod_SSL, OpenSSL ,
Php4) worked great.  I also tried to install the second option from the list
located on your web site (the one with no extensions, or some thing like
that) worked.

And now that I have Php 4 working on my Comp. with (Apache, SSL, MySQL, and
PHP4)  I don't really feel like downloading PHP4 once more. I thank you for
trying to help, and wish ya luck finding this missing DLL that it told me
when i finished downloading and tring to install from the very start.

Thank You
Damien Estrada

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