ID: 9177
Updated by: sniper
Old-Status: Open
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: *Encryption and hash functions
Operating system: 
PHP Version: Latest CVS
Assigned To: 

Please try the latest CVS as there have been a couple
of fixes which should fix the problems with zlib you had.


Previous Comments:

[2001-04-23 19:43:22] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
It doesn't seem like it was fixed.  From CVS checked about about 30 minutes ago, 
configure says:

checking for MD5 crypt... no

And a simple script that is supposed to return an md5 crypted string, returns a DES 
crypted string.

<?= crypt('rasmuslerdorf', '$1$rasmusle$'); ?>


When php is compiled without openssl, the correct output is acquired which is:


(I hope it is alright to re-open the bug)


[2001-04-23 03:34:55] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Fixed in CVS.



[2001-02-18 16:41:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
My bad. It was only discussed about, not fixed..



[2001-02-15 11:35:43] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
IIRC this is fixed already in CVS so please try the latest CVS snapshot 



[2001-02-08 14:39:57] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
MD5 crypt fails if PHP is compiled with openssl (specifically with the -lcrypto)

If the .c file comes before the libraries, gcc won't recognize MD5 crypt:

----- blah.c -----
root# cat blah.c 
#include <crypt.h>

main() {
    char salt[15], answer[40];

    salt[0]='$'; salt[1]='1'; salt[2]='$'; 
    salt[3]='r'; salt[4]='a'; salt[5]='s';
    salt[6]='m'; salt[7]='u'; salt[8]='s';
    salt[9]='l'; salt[10]='e'; salt[11]='$';

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