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Bug Type: MySQL related
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PHP Version: 4.0.3pl1
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[2000-12-29 15:22:06] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Addl. information...
This morning, I recompiled and installed both PHP and MySQL. The versions are:


For installation, I used:
For PHP: ./configure --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs 

For MySQL, I used:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql

I have a sample script active at:

I will cut-and-past the code (minus database login info) below (not sure if it will be 
                        $mysql_link = mysql_connect("localhost","webdb","bongos");  
//Connect to database server.
                        mysql_select_db("webdata",$mysql_link);   //Select webdata 
                        $query = "INSERT INTO phptest VALUES ("$UserName","$Color")";
              $mysql_result = mysql_query($query,$mysql_link);
                                Print("<H3>Submission failed. The error reported by 
mySQL was: ".mysql_error()."</H3>n");
                                Print("<H3>Submission successful! No error was 
reported by mySQL</H3>");
                        print("<H2 ALIGN="CENTER">PHP/MySQL Test</H2>n");
                        print("<form method="post" action="$SCRIPT_NAME">n");
                        print("This script will simply try to add what you put in the 
next to fields into a simple database...<BR>n");
                        print("<p>Please enter your name: ");
                        print("<input type="text" name="UserName" size="30" 
                        print("Plesae enter youf favorite color: ");
                        print("<input type="text" name="Color" size="30" 
maxlength="30"> n");
                        print("<INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="submit" VALUE="Submit to 


I went through my running processes, and through httpd.conf, and cannot find anything 
else using mySQL or other versions of PHP loaded. Any help would be appreciated. Also, 
I never received an email in reference to this, so something is not working right with 
the email portion of this bug database.

Todd Butler


[2000-12-20 18:27:23] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Do you have any short example script which produces this ??
Version of mysql?



[2000-12-20 13:55:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This problem has apparently been reported several times. The resolution in the FAQ and 
in previous bug reports is to recompile and install PHP with the path to MySQL. I used 
the "with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql" and reinstalled PHP to no avail. There are no other 
versions of PHP running on my system, nor are there any other systems accessing MySQL 
(two other points that were mentioned in the FAQs and some previous bug reports. This 
error message is happening with existing production scripts that worked fine with 
previous versions of both products.


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