On 2001-05-12 04:29:19, "Jason Greene" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> zval_copy_ctor used on an array makes a reference copy of the array.
> Basically, it just copies all the data items in the hashtable and then
adds one to the 
> reference count for all data items. 
> Looking at the code, it appears to not recursively copy into nested
> (Could be part of your problem)
> Since this is a reference copy, you can not free the memory used by 
> the array you are copying. I am assuming that this is the cause of your

Strange stuff.
Is there a nice handy API to copy the array completely?
I switched to zval_copy_ctor from a manually maintained hash table and
copying loop for readability; it's a shame to have to switch back.

I'll dig a bit more; I've just thought of another piece of code that might
be the culprit...


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