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Bug Type: Sybase (dblib) related
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PHP Version: 4.0.1pl2
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This has now become #5684

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[2000-07-27 22:22:23] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I've switched to CT-Lib; data corruption is gone, BUT... the call to ct_con_alloc() 
fails frequently... in ext/php_sybase_ct.c, the line that reads:

if(ct_con_alloc(...) != CS_SUCCEED) {
   phperror(E_WARNING, "Unable to allocate connection record...");

~(not a verbatim description)~

Is getting executed.  I can't get php, sybase, or linux to give me any more 
information...  Perhaps CT-Lib has verbose error reporting that I could build in right 


[2000-07-27 20:19:02] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
awaiting feedback since 07-04


[2000-07-04 22:04:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
There have been some changes to the DB-Lib in recent CVS.
DB-Lib has been very unreliable since 4.0 beta 1, but Zeev
is trying to fix it. Can you try the CVS and see if it works?

Reason(s) to use CT-Lib instead of DB-Lib:

1) DB-Lib is no longer supported by Sybase and will eventually
go away.

2) DB-Lib does not have, for example, sybase_num_rows(). You
have to do a second query ("select count(*)") to get this information.

3) The error messages in CT-Lib are more configurable. You can turn
down the min_severity_level with sybase.min_message_severity and
friends in your php.ini. This will make the warnings go away, while still
letting you see the stuff that you need to.


[2000-07-02 01:20:14] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The following code snippet is used in an abstract db class in an application I am 

$query=sybase_query("<SQL QUERY HERE>");
while($row=sybase_fetch_array($query)) {
      if(is_int($key)) unset($row[$key]);

return $result;

The code is used to get rid of [via unset()] the numeric keys in the array that 
syabse_fetch_array() returns.  When executed, the Apache server dies from a seg fault.

gdb reports different error messages spuriously:
segfault - 0x40082501 in __kill () from /lib/
segfault - 0x???????? in ?????? () from /opt/sybase-11.9.2/

If the line containing "unset()" is removed, the crash does not occur (sometimes there 
is no crash, only garbled data).  

If PHP is compiled with the Sybase-CT library instead, then the code works fine 
(unchanged), but this is unoptimal since then warnings are generated by selecting the 
database with sybase_connect() or sybase_select_db().

Please e-mail me if there is a solution to that problem.  Also, I couldn't find any 
documentation on the advantages or disadvantages of DB vs CT...


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