ID: 5684
Updated by: joey
Status: Analyzed
Bug Type: Sybase-ct (ctlib) related
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.1pl2
Assigned To: 

According to the Sybase documentation:
"The most common reason for a ct_con_alloc failure is a
lack of adequate memory."

Can you verify that this either IS or IS NOT why you are getting this message?

IE, does it go away by itself? Do you have to reboot? Are there any other odd things 
going on with the machine at the time that this message starts to appear?

Also, this was filed against 4.0.1pl2. There have been some changes since then, one of 
which fixed a problem where connections were never really closed. Can you try a more 
recent version of PHP and see if this helps?

Previous Comments:

[2000-08-25 22:37:13] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Their environment:
Sun Netra Servers in a Clustered environment with Sun Solaris 2.8.
Sybase 12.0 64 bit on Sun Server with 4G RAM.


[2000-08-25 22:32:17] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I have just received information via PM that other users are experiencing this too, 
could anyone with some background here check it out, it seems to be a random 


[2000-07-19 22:33:47] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The call to ct_con_alloc() in 'ext/sybase_ct/php_sybase_ct.c' is not returning 

I'm unfamiliar with CT-LIB; how would I debug the library to get more information on 
the problem?  Does it maintain verbose error reporting info that I could print out 
with the PHP error message? ("Unable to allocate connection record");

Conversely is this a know problem which requires a newer CT-LIB?  Where is the 
authoritative source for it?


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