ID: 7288
Updated by: jmoore
Old-Status: Duplicate
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Network related
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.3
Assigned To: 

THey now give the correct warning under WIn32 due to a lack of res_search in 
bindlib_w32 they are currently unsupported under win32 until someone implements them. 
For now it returns the correct "Is not implemented in this build" error.

Previous Comments:

[2000-11-18 22:20:37] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Duplicate of #5311


[2000-10-17 12:42:29] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
As reported in bug id# 5311, same problems under NT4 with PHP4.0.3 ( 

This is to confirm that the problems seen with checkdnsrr() and getmxrr() are not 
specific only to Win2K, but to other Win32 systems as well.  Perhaps this is a problem 
with how Win32s DNS lookup is structured as opposed to Unix/Linux flavors?  Is there 
any additional configuration which is necessary for Win32 DNS lookups using these 

Whichever the solutions, checkdnsrr() and getmxrr() currently never complete a 
successful DNS lookup, while other DNS functions, such as gethostbyaddr() or 
gethostbyname() work correctly (returning valid IP addresses and host names).


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