I tried that, too... then I do:
$userarr = $board[9];

Then later down the page, I try to put that into an array, like so:
print array($userarr);

or even:
$userarr2 = array($userarr);

And they all just print: "Array"

and the column value would have, say:
"Webmaster, LinkChecker, Strategist"

and I want to put that into an array, then use in_array
to check if their user rank is one of the ones in the required
user rank column... but I can never get the above column in a array to do

Thanks for replying so fast...
- Czaries Out

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Subject: Bug #10861 Updated: Array bug w/MySQL

> ID: 10861
> Updated by: derick
> Reported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Old-Status: Open
> Status: Bogus
> Bug Type: Arrays related
> Operating system:
> PHP Version: 4.0.5
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> Comments:
> user error:
> change this line:
> $userarr = array($board[9]);
> to:
> $userarr = $board[9];
> and mysql_fetch_row gives one row per call
> derick
> Previous Comments:
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> [2001-05-14 16:59:21] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> When trying to put a value from a database into an array for checking, it
jsut won't do it...
> Like this:
> $board_r = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM mb_boards WHERE BoardID='$BoardID'",
> $board = mysql_fetch_row ($board_r);
> $userarr = array($board[9]);
> When I try to call $userarr at a later date, all it prints is: "Array" -
and it doesn't put the contents of that veriable into the array, even though
the contents of the cell are separated with commas and all the proper stuff
needed for an array!
> Please help me!
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